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Here at Pharmasave Clayburn, we believe in the use of food as medicine! While working alongside your GP, our goal is to provide the best possible pharmaceutical and nutritional care to our patients. With proper guidance from one of our health coaches, we aim to lower your dosage of medications and possibly even stop you from needing them at all.

We also offer specialized services including: compounding, flu shots & vaccinations and blister packing.


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Weight Loss Coaching

So why Ideal Protein? Getting started is the first step to kick-starting your metabolism and breaking unhealthy lifestyle habits. We stand by using a sustainable approach to dieting that eliminates quick fixes and guarantees results. 

Our weight loss coaches are determined to helping you look and feel your best. Using the Ideal Protein 3-step Protocol, you will begin by losing fat through a process called ketosis. During phase one, your coach will eliminate carbohydrates from your diet; causing you to burn fat for fuel in replace of carbs and sugar. Next, phases 2 & 3 will set you up for success! By slowly increasing your food intake, reintroducing carbohydrates in the form of whole foods and using meal tracking as a tool, you won’t only maintain your new weight, but also be able to sustain your lifestyle changes long-term.

Keto & Low Carb

We carry an extensive selection of nutritional, low carb and keto friendly specialty foods. We have everything from ready made meals, to local keto bakeries, pantry staples, snacks and more!

With over 600 products to select from, we make it easy to choose a healthy lifestyle alongside smart eating habits that still taste just as good, if not better than your typical food choices. We also have an extensive vitamin and supplement selection to compliment the steps that you are taking with your diet.